Compassionate Theory of Everything

What Songs to Sing


I want you to discover who you are, uncovering all the parts you protected or denied in yourself.

There are songs in you, melodies you were ready to sing before you were born. After you were born, there were ears around you. Yet many of those ears were closed. Those who denied the music in themselves would not listen. Melody is born without a name, and you allowed the deaf and the fearful to christen that melody born in you. They called it “noise.”  Even the loving among them, who could not follow the tune, tried to quiet you.

Some of the melodies inside you may sound familiar. They may remind you of the songs of your father and mother, who sang them with dolorous tone. You may have tried not to hear those melodies when they whispered inside you. The songs of your heart may remind you of those you once heard in the most threatening bellows or the saddest of wails. Voices that cried out in anguish also attempted to sing, warbling and choked by the constriction of their own contempt.

Your voice may purify all melody you find in yourself. Use it. Old songs handed-down to you may become new, as the vocal cords find truth and the notes become pure. Find the timbre of your want, the voice of your desire, and make the music yours. The strident tones of your past fears, the harsh voices of your ancestors, will echo in the chamber of your mind. And in time that cacophony will fade. Your song will be heard.

Your mind, both the conscious and non-conscious helix of mental motion, may spiral upward in harmony. It may soar in a duet beyond dischord. Your brain will find the rhythm in your body, and your body will find its tempo in this earth. All the music that you are is lovable, regardless of genre. All the notes that others would not hear before, are part of a beautiful song, now.

Feel its resonance in your chest. Welcome it, from the soles of your feet to the top of your head and beyond. So that you may dance as a person dances unwatched, and seeing this, the world may dance with you.




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