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Sometimes, you can’t even smell the turkey that is on your own back.

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Dogs can do things that most of us can’t. Their senses give them more information, and with training they can use that information to take action.

A dog can smell when your blood sugar is too high. And somewhere in America, there’s a dog named Rory who will fetch the insulin kit when he notices it. (according to National Geographic)

Imagine if you got on the elevator with someone, and you could smell what they’d eaten for lunch. Last week.

But we all miss things, regardless of our abilities to perceive what is going on or our efforts to do something about it.

A minute ago, while I was standing in the kitchen and wolfing down a package of flappy processed turkey, our dog Dolly came to inquire. I tossed her a piece, which landed on her back.

She checked the floor all around her. Searching and sniffing. Then she looked up at me.

I pointed to the turkey. She tried craning her neck around, and spun in a circle. Then she looked up at me and waited for more instruction. I pointed again. She checked again.

Then she looked up at me, hoping I’d give her a damn piece of turkey already.

I pointed, she turned. Point, turn, search. Wiggle. Sniff. Point. We repeated the process many times, until she shimmied enough that it tumbled off. Woohoo!

This process reminded me of a boy I once knew, who seemed to be able to sense things that most people can’t.


I’ve had turkey on my back for decades.

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