Compassionate Theory of Everything

Money Thought Experiment

Identical twins are born in New York City. They share interests in medicine and they both grow up.

One develops a patentable way to give monkeys erections. Each night, he drives a platinum Bentley home to his penthouse, when his golden limousine doesn’t pick him up from work. Lots of money “belongs” to him.

The other twin develops a non-patentable way to cure diabetes, and is pushed out of his job and sued for endangering a $176-billion medical industry. His socks get wet as puddles find the holes worn through the soles of his shoes. He “owns” a pair of Converse All-Stars and that’s it.

By some strange coincidence, both twins are abducted the same night. They are stripped of Driver’s Licenses that a bank would use for identification, and fingerprints that a government would use as proof of identity. Left naked in alleys, both wake up without credit cards. With amnesia.

Here is the “thinking” part –

One of the men will be picked up by police and brought to a platinum penthouse full of what he owns.

The other man will be picked up by police and dropped off in the alley again.


While these men sit naked and alone in alleyways, society is left with two holes. One on top and one on bottom.

Ownership(?) and identity(?) would fill these holes. Which man goes where and why?


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