Compassionate Theory of Everything

The Dividing Brain Revealed

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Although I often feel fear about what America may have inspired recently, I do take solace in the fact that the “Us vs Them” ideas we see around us may be nothing new.

The new part may just be seeing it out in the open.

We have given social permission for people to express the divisive anger and protective fear that has existed throughout all cultures and times.

There has never been a time in history, when one group of people was not trying to tell themselves they were better than another. And that the other group was dangerous.

It is not new to be outraged that one group or another is doing this.

This process of dividing may just be part of being human. A basic capacity we all have. We tend to use it when we are scared around someone different. But we don’t need to divide based on differences.

A process of uniting is available to the brain as well. It’s a basic capacity. We tend to use it when we feel safe around someone similar. But we can unite based on whatever we want.

Our choice, either way.

In some ways, this “Great Revealing” of “us-ness” and “them-ness” may pull back layers of our identities as cultures and individuals, and shed light in the places within our shared humanity that create division. The process has always thrived on the darkness, in the places our minds dare not to look.

Now, those places are on Twitter.





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