Compassionate Theory of Everything

Some guy’s guess about the Origin and Nature of Consciousness

As a human being, I, Christopher Jay Shelby, see myself as having the proper credentials to explain how being human works in terms of our human form of consciousness and how it attempts to relate to reality. After working on this explanation for about 37 years, I went through stages where I took it immensely seriously. It was a theory, but with a capital “T.” Somebody had to find out how being human really works, after all.

While I no longer take myself seriously, this is the best I can do on 10/30/2018 to explain how all sciences and all religions came to exist in less than 500 words, and why they may appear to be so different in describing “reality.”

Importantly, while this builds upon Darwin and behaviorism, in no way does it invalidate what I see as the fundamental element that supports Western religions. This developing structure of consciousness can just as easily be set in motion by a “higher form of consciousness” that intends for our resulting patterns of function to be similar to their own. If we are so inclined, we can see that the all-powerful universe “wants” us to be this way and had plenty of time in “creating” us. This is evidenced by the fact we exist just as we do.

If you try and consider how consciousness works, your findings will be shaped by the structure of consciousness. There’s a fractal nature to this logic – we’re looking at a lens and trying to measure its distortions – while using a lens that distorts things the same way.

I would guess the foundational structures that create “dualism” in our worldviews, and apply fractally to attempts at “non-dualism,” evolved in the pre-conditions of human consciousness. My reasoning is that Homo Sapiens Sapiens-style “awareness of self” can be seen as a pattern of electrochemical phenomena in a brain, and that such brains have structure which rests on and interrelates with previous structures. It is useful to see two major stages of development, as consciousness had to “fit” the differing demands of two very distinct forms of environment. The capacities that orient a “self” in a physical environment formed first as biological entities developed sensory systems. These capacities form interrelationships with capacities “fit” for a social environment that developed “on top.” If we follow the theory of “Common Descent,” we became conditioned first to interpret our senses as belonging to a body that gathered resources. Then we began to interpret this “self” in ways that benefit the group. A reptile-reasoning of “get it all for yourself” doesn’t work in a primate heirarchy where selfless action is rewarded. So consciousness as we know it now, is an attempt to juggle both approaches. Certain patterns of distortion are useful in groups, and they are necessarily different than the forms of logic dictated by an individual’s pursuit of resources in the physical world. Roughly, these amount to “all religions” and “all sciences.”


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