What America Tastes Like

New York City – Judaic Bacon

In most of the US and especially the South, pigs are one of the best things to put in your mouth.

Let’s say you decide not to eat pork anymore, yet you are wise.

You know about the good things in life. You’ve just taken the porcine option off the table and out of the kitchen.

After a few hundred years, you’d find ways to navigate the remaining animals. Crazy stuff to do with cows.

Now, I’m not saying that Katz’s Pastrami Sandwich is good like putting pigs in your mouth is good.

I’m just saying that given enough time and experimentation, all cultures will eventually salt and cure and smoke meat and come as close as they can to the lowly opulence found in the fat of certain wallowing omnivores.

Katz’s Pastrami is some of the best beef ever.

Fatty in the best way, this is really only reminiscent of the best Texas brisket you’ve ever had. But on rye bread with just a splash of mustard, you don’t want to compare it. You just want it to never end.

Each bite is unctuous, flavor-hauling meaty goodness. It fills your mouth with a richness that three pickles only begin to scour away, and once that beefiness is wiped from your mouth you immediately miss it.

Put another way, this pastrami sandwich isn’t exactly overpriced at $24. That’s saying a lot. If you didn’t allow yourself to eat pork for a while but you had this stuff around, you’d be fine for a few hundred years.

As long as your could figure out a way to make pasty hunks of raw salmon taste like bacon, too.


205 E Houston St
New York, New York


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