Compassionate Theory of Everything

The Utopia of Three Years Ago

Remember back when Seattle was full of people who liked the president, and Indianapolis was full of people who didn’t?

There were some blue states, and the people in them held hands and sang songs about the future. There were some red states, and they were filled with people who read from one book and dressed up nice on Sunday.

Some people called themselves “Christian,” and some said they were “spiritual but not religious.”

That was a time of harmony and peace in our communities, when America was united as two. Collectively, we knew what we disagreed on.

Things are not so simple now. Families split down the middle and unfriend.

What is going on with us?

Yet if we look beyond our imaginary land we call the “United States” and see beyond the oceans, we see hairline cracks sprinting across the globe. New divisions appear.

Old divisions widen.

England builds an economic wall. “Labor” in China, struggles against the system that was supposed to be its friend. Between India and Pakistan, loud bombs drop in snowy mountains quietly disputed for decades.

What is going on with us?

We can point a finger at an individual or a set of beliefs to say: “Look at how dangerous they are to our families and everything we care about!”

But isn’t that what everyone else is doing?

We can look back at the time when the world was simpler and the people who disagreed with us felt less dangerous.

But perhaps it is time we look in ourselves, and find what is there that is also in everyone else.


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