What America Tastes Like

The Very First Pizza in the US

I love Run DMC. I wouldn’t trade them for all the multi-slant, tiered poetic subtleties in the modern rhyming world. We might value the complex evolutions that have grown from seeds sown long ago – but other rappers must kneel as they pass Run’s house.

You can’t listen to Run DMC properly unless you have a tape deck, but you can still pick up a 105-year old pizza in New York City. An original.

Lombardi’s Original – The crispy craters of crust are singed in a tasty way. The crackly crust is covered with a thin layer of unseasoned mulched tomatoes. Six slices of fresh mozzarella the thickness of Kraft singles were added, and wisps of oven-dessicated basil complete the toppings.

Is this enough?

With this little cheese, it would need to blow my hair back. Closing my eyes, I’d need to soar over rolling fields of grassland zoom into the twinkling eye of one angelic cow.

I may not be oldschool when it comes to pizza. Mom-and-pop Italian joints in Wisconsin evolved pizza into a majestic 18-inch open ring of pasta filled with fresh mozzarella. They make their own signature sauces and charge less for four times as much pie.

Lombardi’s might just be Sugar Hill Gang to me. Worthy of respect, but only providing so much to appreciate.

32 Spring St
New York, New York



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