What America Tastes Like

The Spirit of PT Barnum lives in Midwest Mallfood

You don’t see clowns at the drive-thru or robotic bears dancing while you eat your pizza anymore.

How could anyone pick where to eat after a day spent shopping?

“The Mayfair Collection” is probably the most hilariously prissy name for a mall. But after you’re done shopping at the mall and laughing at its name, where do you go next for amusement?

“AJ Bombers” knows that your back is sore from carrying the economy. Your arms are tired from swiping that card. Just throw those peanuts on the floor!

You can force the bartendress to climb up on the bar with a signal from your table.

PLUS she has to send you a heavy iron torpedofull of peanuts by ziplining it to you where it slams into a metal target. Whang!

The place ain’t quiet. But how is the food?

Cheese on Cheese on Cheese Burger – Colby has never been my go-to cheese, and I’ve always overlooked it as sorta the “meek accountant” of cheeses. The cheese on this burger was the best Colby I’ve ever had, with an amplified savory-but-not-sharp character to it that pairs perfectly with the chipotle mayo. I wouldn’t change a thing except to provide a bigger portion overall and give me more than four cheese curds on top. The bun is soft and chewy and better than what you’d expect.

I ordered this with a side of cheese sauce, of course, and dipped my cheesecheeesecheese in a plasticky-but-pleasant cheese.

Peanut Butter Burger “Barrie” – This was dense and chewy and heavy just like you’d want it to be, and the pretzel bun smashes satisfyingly flat to align with the bacon layer as you grip the burger for a bite. They need to come up with a creative dip to counterpoint all the heaviness with tang or sweet, like a rapsberry sauce on the side or something.

Fried Pickles – Better than what you get at the bowling alley. They put sprinkles of dill in the batter, which is nice.

The one significant complaint about Bombers is the ranch.

That’s no small deal at a place like this, where you’ll be dipping fried stuff while yelling at your friends so they can hear you.

The ranch here is that extra-tangy-soybean-oil stuff they get out of a bottle, and it’s a cheaper bottle than the Hidden Valley. Bombers needs to compete with Red Robin in the ranch arena.

With ambrosial dairy dip and a grinning sweaty bartendress slamming peanuts into your table – you’ve got bread AND circus.

11340 W Burleigh St
Wauwatosa, Wisconsin



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