What America Tastes Like

All-You-Can-Eat Fried Chicken in Georgia

Desserts were deeply disappointing at this little red-checkered buffet. Like “Aunt Betty says she can’t tell the difference between generic brands, so she drives across town to the salvage grocery.”

A Fudge-topped Vanilla Custard – which would have been an acceptable Cool-Whip-pudding otherwise, is ruined by a layer of “fudge.” The fudge has a cocoa powder so cheap it tastes like aluminum foil.

Canned-peach Crumble – at a “Country Cookin'” place in Georgia, should really beat out Chinese buffets in Seattle.

I hope they give a few recipes some attention, but the restaurant’s atmosphere is flawless.

“Tim’s All-You-Can-Eat Fried Chicken” is the name I’d put over the doors.

The batter makes nice, thick crinkles of crispy coatinglets. While the flavor doesn’t have a distinct savoriness, there’s more than just salt and pepper going on.

The kitchen does a great job of keeping the tray heaped full of freshly-fried, crunchy chicken with a full mix of breast, thigh, wing and drumstick. During a suppertime rush, the bin stayed full and hot, despite the steady traffic picking at it left and right.

I had a dozen pieces of fried chicken and a dozen buffalo wings, and considered anything else a free extra.

Tim’s Country Cookin’ stays comfortable even while you wait in line for other people to grab a piece of chicken.

That’s really saying something – when a buffet that’s packed to the gills with a hungry crowd, stays comfy.

“Where friends meet for good fried chicken.”

Tim’s Country Cookin
1309 W Taylor St
Griffin, Georgia



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