Compassionate Theory of Everything

What a “Compassionate Theory of Everything” Did When I Tested It

There was a decade after I joined Facebook that I couldn’t use it without getting pissed off.

One morning I opened my laptop and saw all the political chaos, spiritual debate and outrage and horror we create in the world… and I felt love for humanity.

I knew I had something.

The theory helped me create a house-wide oasis within a ghetto, where I brought homeless people and felons and stroke victims to eat Thanksgiving dinner together. We watched Tom Hanks on the wall with my projector.

Police responded to no calls to the address. One of my tenants was arrested in the driveway, but for charges unrelated to behavior in our home. Parole officers called it the nicest rooming house in town.

My success, failure, addiction, depression – and even the anguish of meaninglessness – now has a sense of order I can relate to based on a theory I developed over decades.

This theory – the story I believe is true – has also helped me train dogs for both behavior and emotional state. Compassion can be found between humans and animals.

The theory, which explains why humans have such different ideas about reality and everything in it, is congruent with evolutionary theory.

It does not negate religion or spirituality.

It has allowed me to find fulfillment and quality of life, regardless of my lifestyle at any given time. Living in a rich neighborhood or sleeping on pavement affected my comfort level, but I’ve enjoyed purpose and a sensation of aliveness.

I have tested the Compassionate Theory of Everything in my own life, and it brings me empathy and understanding for others. Self-compassion allowed me to integrate parts of myself I had hated or feared into a fulfilling whole.

I’m not going to insist that the CTOE is “true.” It produced a predicted result for me.

If you want the world to make sense in ways that let you love all the people in it, I will be offering the theory to you. So you can test it yourself.


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