What America Tastes Like

Verti Marte – the shrimp tucked in the corner of French Quarter

Yep, it’s a dingy corner market with narrow aisles. I had to shuffle sideways to the back to avoid knocking bags of chips on the floor. It’s also some of the best food I had in the French Quarter.

The shrimp they use in the po boys splays fat and wide, and it somehow packs more of the “local” flavor in its flesh than other shrimp I had in the city. It’s seemingly a higher grade of shrimp than most places in town use for their sandwiches, and it bursts with that signature swampy-delicious flavor I came to identify with nola crustaceans.

Get a “grilled shrimp po boy,” and you may find that swamptastic flavor nearly overwhelming. Get a “fried shrimp po boy,” and its freshwater undertones dance flawlessly with the savory breading.

There’s a crazy variety of sandwiches on the menu, so I asked the man who makes ’em what to get:

“All That Jazz” is grilled shrimp and ham and turkey and melty cheese with a Verti-made stoneground mustardy sauce. Between the multiple animals and cheeses and creamy sauce, this is a bellybuster in the best way possible. (and I’m a “large pizza to myself” kinda guy)

This is a spot we returned to multiple times after discovering that much of the food in the French Quarter is touristy in a bad way.

Get beignets while you’re here, because they’re fluffly and creamy and light, so you can skip the sugarbricks at Cafe Du Monde.

1201 Royal St
New Orleans, Louisiana


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