Compassionate Theory of Everything

A Playful Explanation of Everything

God made evolution, because She preferred to plant colorful humanity in a wild jungle and see how we twist and curl as we reach for the sun.

Let’s be honest: If you were omnipotent, omniscient and eternal, would you wind up a bunch of people-clocks so you could listen to their heads tick? That would get awfully boring after a year, let alone an eternity.

Messy organic diversity is exciting and frustrating and delicious.

We evolved physical bodies in lots of shapes and sizes, but mostly with two eyes to see and two legs to carry us.

We evolved minds that twist the world into symbols and metaphors in an endless array of singular shapes, but all these abstractions serve the same purpose of telling us how to collaborate with our families and thrive in this wild jungle.

First, we evolved to survive in a physical environment where we had to fight off wolves and find food on our own because there weren’t many people. Then, we evolved to thrive in a social environment where some people seemed like family but other people seemed like wolves. Today, our minds are still trying to figure out which people are wolves and which ones are family.

“Who are my loved ones? What is best for us?”


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