Compassionate Theory of Everything

Every Soul Thirsts for Relationship

“The word ‘soul’ refers to the central order, to the inner core of a being whose outer manifestations may be highly diverse and pass our understanding.” – Werner Heisenberg

Everyone has a soul, a core pattern that exists below or beyond our ability to comprehend it, whether our minds allow us to be consciously aware of its presence or not.

This inner core we can call ‘soul’ relates with the totality of existence we can call ‘reality’ or ‘God.’

The mind, which gets stuck in the middle, seeks an understanding of this relationship. For this reason, we need a spiritual practice like we need water.

We see an incredible variety of ways for people’s minds to commune with their souls and get the interaction they need to thrive, just as there are so many ways people get the water their bodies need to survive.

Some are direct and overt, because people have become consciously aware of their needs. They buy square bottles from exotic springs. “My water is the purest.” Some folks believe they’ve found the one true belief.

Others claim: “I never drink water,” and don’t notice they get it while seeking out the sweetness of soda pop. Many sit in megachurches that smell like the perfume counter at the mall. Some of these people experience a relationship between their inner core and the furthest reaches of existence.

Ideas about a relationship between soul and universe, are not the same thing as an experience of this relationship.

Every soul thirsts for this water and so every mind reaches for a cup. We often grasp the cup offered by the nearest culture. There are a few thousand religions offering ideas about relationship, including an atheistic one believing in a higher power of randomness.

We search to fill our cup with meaning in an endless variety of ways, but all of us thirst for the same relationship with reality.


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