What America Tastes Like

Donuts of Good and Evil

Something about a “Holy Donut” in Portland, Maine had me intrigued. All the way up here in the corner of the country is a Holy Donut sitting on America’s right shoulder. All the way across the country there’s a Voodoo Donut sitting on America’s left shoulder.

Left and right. Portland Oregon and Portland Maine, like the little Devil and Angel whispering into the ear of a cartoon pig making a decision.

The Voodoo Donut is all bright-colored flash, artificial neon color and novelty flavors showcased by shockingly immoral sizzle – “Good things come in pink boxes!”

The Holy Donut is a simple thing and wholesome.

The raspberry Holy Donut tastes like the last thing you expect in a donut – actual berries. Somebody smushed up raspberries and ran them through a sieve. Lemon tastes not like Lemonhead candies… but like lemons.

The “potato donut” is a rare beast outside these parts. I must say I gained quite an appreciation for them. They don’t stay fresh as long as “normal” doughnuts. These will be bricks before you finish a re-watch of “The Dark Knight Rises” – but when straight outta the shop they are a highly unque and satisfying donut experience. Incredibly dense yet with a moist, saturated simple delicousness that no other donut achieves.

There is a goodness of real ingredients to these that bathes the heart in purity and virtue without diminishing the joy of eating fried dough.

“What America Tastes Like” is an exploration of sub-cultures in the US by way of food. Eating is something all people do, and it also happens to be one of the few expressions of “difference and diversity” in culture that just about all people are ready to celebrate. Regardless of our politics and religion and ontologies, we all like to eat food with our mouths.

Food makes family happen.



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