What America Tastes Like

Hunting Chili Fries

If there was a bounty placed on the head of “The Perfect Chili Cheese Fries,” my leather vest and black sunglasses would let you know I was serious in my pursuit of them.

I have stalked my prey across the country, tracking their every move state-to-state. Rolling along, ghosting them and keeping a lookout, my eyes narrowed at the too-perfect sheen of plasticky cheese. “Texturized soy protein” in the chili made even my imaginary tattoos angry. A few times these perfect chili fries almost slipped the hook, but finally I zoned them in an artsy neighborhood of New Orleans.

Burnt Ends Chili Cheese Fries – are face-stompingly good with steaky bits smoked right back there, complementing a rich satisfying cheese goo and crisp fries. These have DEPTH. I wrestled them into the back of my stomach-van and made my acquisition. They’re the best.

Coming here on a Sunday when they roasted a whole pig was super cool, too.

They have really good house-made barbecue sauce.

Did I mention that along with the pig roast, you get to choose your own serving size of Pimento Cheese Mac and Cheese?!?!

Guess what I chose.

1510 S Carrollton Ave
New Orleans, Louisiana

“What America Tastes Like” is an exploration of sub-cultures in the US by way of food. Eating is something all people do, and it also happens to be one of the few expressions of “difference and diversity” in culture that just about all people are ready to celebrate. Regardless of our politics and religion and ontologies, we all like to eat food with our mouths.

Food makes family happen.



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