a Homeless Life Coach

A comment in the Compassion Circle prompted me to clarify “what I’m saying” and here it is:

At the moment, I have zero dollars. That’s why I’m homeless. What I own fits in a backpack, and I may sleep under a tree tonight.

What I want is to help people live lives that feel more fulfilling, regardless of their socioeconomic status or any other “identity” that is beside the point when you’re trying to love your own life. That’s why I’m a life coach.

Loving the subjective, emotional and psychological human “experience of being alive” is important to me.

We, as human beings, often make the mistake of assuming that our place in a socioeconomic hierarchy is responsible for our level of happiness and fulfillment. Modern cultures worldwide and especially American culture re-inforce this assumption, and it seems most people in the world have bought into it.

After all, if you’ve never been rich, maybe a bunch of money will improve your “experience of being alive.” How would you know?

I have had good friends who were multi-millionaires. They never had to work another day in their life. They were about as far from poverty as possible. They were also miserable on a daily basis.

Relating to their own minds, souls, and identities by way of pride in their money was not helping them.

Nor does feeling shame help people who own nothing.

What I am saying is that it will help everyone who is rich, poor, or middle-class to let go of pride or shame about money. Look beneath the surface and be intimate with life instead.

(A few months after posting this, I renamed the post “a Homeless Life Coach,” as opposed to “The Homeless Life Coach,” because at most I’d be early in noticing and laughing about such a label. I don’t want to imply that there aren’t other coaches out there who are also attempting to sort out the relationship between money and ownership and happiness for themselves. It’s possible you may drive past some of them while they’re brushing their teeth.)


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