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a together poem

all people on earth are wholly human
and therefore worthy of my love,

our seven thousand human languages point to what is meaningful

the energy of our physics,
the angels and demons of our religions,
are the stars in the sky within us

not one finger pointing to the moon

but the wild all energy of starlight

uncontained by human words, unrestrained by our ideas

the energy of physics, force and mass in motion, the angels and demons dancing as they will

they care not even to laugh at our words

dancing instead

the billion stars beyond seven thousand languages

each human word pointing up,

my mind makes constellations to separate us yet

no star was born in a constellation, no tinyhuman pattern of observation and label

made the sky,

the stars of Andromeda were never chained,

she is free outside men’s minds

my heart is warmed by light beyond ideas
shining on us all


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