Journal 042121

Woke up at a friend’s house and traveled downtown to cash my paycheck with the pretty teller. She speaks Portuguese. She says people think it’s a French accent, but she sounds like she’s from Brazil.

Walked past my favorite pier by the ferris wheel but it fell in the water. The whole pier fell in and went splash one day last year. I do suspect it was suicide (due to 2020-ness)

Sat on new concrete triangle built by the city further down the waterfront. Mourned Pier 58 and Seattle’s soul.

Grabbed water bottles and sat in the sun near Pike’s Place. A girl asked to sit with me and offered to share weed, but it was mixed with tobacco so I declined.

Nearly immediately Timothy Leary showed up and shared a pure and wonderful indica with us. The fact it’s his real name makes me laugh every time I see him or maybe it’s the weed.

The girl was pretty but she began acting strange in ways I’m not interested in on my day off, so I handed them both water and walked alone.

Crossing the field of tents outside city hall, I was struck by warmth. So many smiling faces gleaming in sun, most of them new to North America. “All this village needs is some water,” I thought.

I felt much better after I bought some water and handed out a dozen bottles. All you have to do is watch whose eyes light up and you know who is thirsty. One young man from Africa promised to hand out the rest of the water bottles to his tiny town inside Seattle. “Now we need live music,” we laughed together.

At the bus stop a man was stooped down and digging cigarette butts out of sidewalk cracks.

He was throwing them away and that astonished me. I’ve met very few people who pick up trash so I asked him about it. “If I ever have kids I want the world to be better,” he said. I bought his bus ride.

Back at my place by the lake, I found a lot of garbage but I fished out the beer cans with branches. When I’m gone for a day that happens.

Now that I’m typing this I remember what a Mexican midget named Martin once told me:

Not for money.

For the trees.

The water.

For children…

not born yet.

I caught him picking up bottles out here. I climbed a hill to talk to him. He bagged four full garbage bags that day from other parts of the lake and I asked him why he was doing it.

You don’t forget what a man who stands hip-high and is an angel tells you in broken English far more beautiful than unbroken.