Boundaries of Behavior

I work for a non-profit that helps people.

Over the winter I offered people half-hour showers in the type of portable hygiene stations that construction sites use.

Our site is in one of the best spots in the city for people who needed warm water over the winter. Directly in front of a playground that was closed for over a year.

It’s now open.

My clients are the type of human beings who need help.

One of them has now urinated in front of the playground on multiple occasions. Parents called police.

We were told yesterday by city employees not to allow him to take showers here for a period of 364 days.

This morning, after the man threatened my boss, and many radio calls were made back and forth, we were told by another set of city employees (including police) that we must continue to allow him to come here.

I put his name on the list, because I cannot enforce all boundaries alone.