Free Showers

Every human can use some warm water on their body.

During the winter months, a half-hour of warm water on human toes helps you keep all ten of them.

I’ve been doing this shower-thing for a year now. Today I worked out some math with my boss:

Our team has given out over 10,000 showers over the last year.

People of all kinds showed up for warm water.

People stroll up from all walks of life, but mostly walking the paths that go outside.

Some humans are wonderfully fulfilled by being outside, others think being inside will make them happy.

We had a suited man show up carrying a briefcase full of shame, and a woman who showed up wearing nothing.

The man in the suit eventually left the outdoors and returned to being a lawyer. I’m not certain being a lawyer is a happy existence for a human being, but I was happy to feel his joy when he told me about his new apartment.

We gave the naked woman a garbage bag and she made a miniskirt. My friend gave her the shirt off his back and she sang a song.

No matter where you get your warm water, I’d like you to feel free to feel fulfilled by being alive.