A Social Species

A few feet from the site where we give out free showers, there’s an outdoor fridge full of free food.

A few minutes ago, a lady came by with two boxes of hygiene and beauty products. According to the girls I work with, these pink lotions and potions would cost hundreds of dollars if found in a store.

We’re a highly social species. It’s why we’ve spread across the globe like mold over bread. We offer each other the bread before the mold eats it.

When we aren’t busy disagreeing and going to war with other tribes of human beings, we’re helping each other out. Social media can help us go to war, or help us help. It’s new and powerful.

Being social has been going on for tens of thousands of years.

A man from a tribe that cooks soup came by earlier. His group has all the ingredients to put into pots and pans, and all the hands needed to hand out soup – but they were told not to use their kitchen anymore.

Know a kitchen he and his friends can use?

Get ahold of me. You can find me on FB using a smartphone. Using these devices daily is new for me because all I saw smartphones doing for a long time was tearing communities apart. But it can tear us apart through endlessly dividing beliefs or bring us together with food – the usefulness of a telephone-that-thinks depends on what you want.

The social part of you, the community part, is old and powerful.