Everyone Has Yin and Yang in Common

Over four decades spent pursuing a ‘love for truth,’ I have become someone more interested in a ‘truth of love.’

Truth is not said or shared but experienced. Not everyone can experience the same things.

Are Choice and Human Life both good things? I valued them both, but I have a male body and can only directly experience half of what being human is like.

A horrific example:

I was once in love with a woman who had been gang-raped as a child. Her truth regarding sex was different than my own.

Instead of experiencing her first menstruation at age 12 – she got morning sickness.

Her body made Human Life in direct opposition to her own Choice.

Her truth was different than anything I can ever know.

Each of us leads an individual life in which different things have come our way, and with different experiences our own lives tell us unique stories.

What is shared?

A value of Freedom or Safety

Masculine or Feminine

The Power of Love or the Love of Power

We each face a universe of collaborative polarities each day, and we can walk together if we are willing to choose love over correctness.