Today at the Showers

With priority for people experiencing homelessness…

Over the last two years I’ve greeted and held the door for thousands of people who wanted a shower. Yesterday we had a guy who just hiked 2,000 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail. He asked my crew for a shower in a thick Australian accent: “I’m not technically homeless, but I’ve been hiking since April 28th.”

“Well the sign says ‘priority for the homeless,’ which means that if Bill Gates asks I’ll let him in a shower. But he has to wait for anyone homeless. We’ve got one clean for you” I told him.

I’ve seen lots of ways that human beings live their lives. I try to see “humanity beyond culture” and welcome anyone human.

We do see what you might expect at a public shower.

Today I’ve gotten to see all the expected elements of “street life” in one day:

Prostitutes, pitbulls, synthetic heroin,  guns, and a big sparkling bag of methamphetamine crystals.

Here’s a fun one: peace.

Our security guard disposed of the drugs, the prostitutes were polite, and that pitbull trotted away with a shiny coat and his tail held high.